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       The patented Ray Snubber® protects gauges and other sensitive instruments that function as windows to your system's operation.

       By absorbing damaging pulsations and surges, the snubber helps keep accurate data flowing so you can keep your system performing at peak efficiency.

       As a leader in the industrial market, our stringent manufacturing standards on per-unit monitoring has qualified us as a vendor of choice to the U.S. military and their suppliers, as well as the commercial aviation and petrochemical industries... from surface and subsurface vessels to the Titan Missile launch system and the Alaska Pipeline. There's more to a RAY PRESSURE SNUBBER than gauge accuracy and protection, like the confidence of knowing your system is running at top efficiency, even when you're not there to watch over it.

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With a Ray Snubber®, surges and pulsations are absorbed, allowing precise and accurate gauge information.